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Top Rated Residential Service:

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About Our Cleaning Methods

Xero Pure Technology

We use state of the art Water Fed Poles that allow us to safely clean those hard to reach windows from the ground.

Traditional Cleaning

For Interior Windows and Most other Windows, We use the traditional ``Mop and Squeegee`` Approach.

Clean Tracks

We Brush and Vacuum out the debris, then we wipe down the tracks with Clorox wipes to ensure a sanitary window track.

interior window cleaning orlando florida

Window Screens

A lot of the time your window screens get covered in Cobwebbs and more.
No Window will truely look clean without a well cleaned Screen.

Cleaning Solution

Our Cleaning solution for your Windows consists of Water, Dishsoap, and White Distilled Vinegar, That's it!
No Short-Cuts here with aggressive solutions that can damage paint or furniture.

No Scratches!

To ensure that your windows turn out scratch-free, we scrub away without using razor blades. While our methods require a lot more elbow grease, they won't scratch your windows!

Google Reviews

Amy Shiwnarain


I highly recommend this company. Paul and his guys were super detailed, so polite, and did not take a whole lot of time nor did they rush the job. Very professional. I definitely would use them again.

Smith Family


Absolutely wonderful experience. They arrived on time and quietly and professionally went about their work. When inside our home they wore face masks without being asked, and booties over their shoes. Our windows, window tracks and screens are immaculate and have never looked better. I’ve asked to put our home on their schedule on an annual basis. Truly exceptional job and I couldn’t be happier.

Anne Allen


On time…very professional. Did a great job inside and outside.



These window cleaners are the best cleaners I’ve ever had! Before them I couldn’t find a company as readily available, or one that provides as much quality.

Danielle Taylor


Windermere Window Cleaners did an excellent job cleaning my windows. They took their time and made sure each window was thoroughly cleaned with no spots. Their customer service could not have been better. I highly recommend them; you won’t be disappointed!

Paulette Campbell


Came out and gave me a free estimate. Scheduled the following week. Showed up on time. Extremely polite and did a wonderful job.

Glass – We Make it Shine!



Orlando Services – Exceptional Window Company providing Orlando with affordable cleaning services. A Top Company of Central Florida Companies with a commitment to undeniable quality.


Window Cleaning Company

We’re a locally owned and operated company providing professional window cleaning services in Windermere, Winter Garden, Dr. Phillips, Orlando, and the greater Orlando area.

Find out why so many others love our work. Look at our ratings.  We really are committed to quality. We use the proper equipment, process, water mixture and cleaning pressure. We are also insured which gives our new and existing clients peace of mind. Fill out a web request form on the contact page. Tell us about your job. Is it exterior only or a mixture. Just let us know.



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Ready to get your windows cleaned? Leave the heavy lifting to us. It’s what we do. Call Now: 321-385-8535


Windermere Window Cleaners is committed to keeping Orlando and Windermere beautiful. We make houses come…

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Our Vision is to become the premiere window cleaning company in Central Florida. Our vision…

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Customer service is at the heart of our values. We know that without our clients…

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Our Clean Window Commitment

We will leave your home feeling fresh, clean and clear. Our goal is that when you see your clean windows and the transition between the inside and outside of your home is virtually spotless. You will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that things are in order and properly looked after.

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Why Choose Us?


What We Do

We offer both interior and exterior streak-free window cleaning of surfaces up to 40 feet high. With your windows we can also clean sills and screens for a small extra charge.


What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart from other window cleaning companies? First, it’s the technology that we use. Our waterfed-pole technology allows us to clean your windows thoroughly and leave them streak-free.


How our technology works

Regular water from your garden hose contains tiny particles of dissolved solids, and these create spots and streaks if left to dry on a window. A squeegee can remove them, but this can be difficult depending on how high and how accessible the windows are.


Right Solution

We use natural bio-degradable solutions that are great for your windows and good for the environment.


Our Company Clean Compliance perspective in Orlando, FL

What sets our cleaning services apart from others? Read why our Orlando services are superior to what you may have experienced in the past.



Understandably when hiring a company for a job, it can be almost impossible to know for certain whether they will live up to your level of clean. Hailing from the obsessive side of quality, we are committed to doing a great job, that will have you calling us again. Find out what so many others have discovered, give us a shot.

When it comes to life, we have a few rules we follow. One rule is "play by the rules." Our company has the proper licensing in place and has insurance. Please let us know if you would like to see any of our paperwork. We are happy to help.

Are you located in Central Florida? We service all of the major parts of Orlando, Windermere, Winter Garden, Longwood, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Narcoossee, Lake Nona, Winter Park, 535 and Buena Vista area and beyond.


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Elite Service Professional

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Window Cleaning Service - Affordable Cleaning, Exceptional Solution

  • Orlando Window Cleaners - Windermere Window Cleaners is a professional, all American company.
  • We service commercial and residential properties, and use only top of the line, advanced technology to get the job done right.
  • Our rates vary depending on window layout and location, but call us today and we will be happy to give you a quote on the phone.
  • If you are looking for cliffhangers, our business may not be right for you.
  • We can clean windows below 40ft .
  • If you are looking to clean a high rise building, we may not be able to help you depending on how accessible and safe the building is.

When it comes to the many services Orlando has to offer, our goal is to become your preferred company for window cleaning. Although currently we do not offer services beyond windows such as gutters and pressure cleaning, we may be able to help you find the appropriate companies that can help you with your service needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us or discuss ancillary services with your cleaners when we are on site. Let’s keep Orlando beautiful. Let’s get your windows cleaned. We have never had a customer regret the difference that clean windows make in their home.

Find out why our window washing clients love us. Let us make a difference with your windows today. Our service covers Orlando and the surrounding areas.

You may not need it now, but we hope that when it’s the right time, you’ll call us here in the 407 area code. Remember to schedule your pressure washing before you schedule the time for us to come out. Don’t get caught cleaning window panes yourself. We can help. We give free estimates and will give you an honest review of the complete care your house or office needs.

You can also send us pictures of your cleaning requirements from the privacy of your home and we can often give you a rough quote on what you should expect.

We guarantee satisfaction as our customers’ reviews show.  We get years of grime out of your life in one visit. So, park your hesitation for a moment and give us a try!  We provide friendly faces and a chance to get your property in tip top shape. Your family is in good hands with us. Our policy is to give you an estimate within 24 hours of visiting your home.

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